Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Hot Links 2/4/11

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and I've decided to have a Super Bowl party at the house.  I'm expecting between 10-15 people so seating could present a problem as we only have a couch and a love seat.  Stadium seating has crossed my mind, and that might be the best and most enjoyable (from an engineering/building perspective) way to go about accommodating for the extra people that will be sitting in front of my TV screen.  I'll attempt to build a platform that we can place the couch on in order increase the viewing height of the sofa.  I don't have any measurements or required heights, all I have is an idea.  That should be good enough right?

Here are today's hot links:

  • Ever wonder what type of TV shows are on during the day while you are at work?  Here a several screenshots of what you are missing out on. *Side note:  Darren is my favorite. [You might like this]
  •  There have been many claims that pro wrestling is fake.  After watching this clip, no one can say that wrestling is fake. It's still real to me damnit![Youtube]
  • The Bellagio Bandit was finally caught, and it turns out he is a judge's son.  The house always wins! [Las Vegas Review Journal]

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